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Kid 101 Videos

Making Sure Practice Is Perfect

Our Kids101 Supplementary Guide Videos help our younger learners with bitsized chunks of guitar goodness. These videos can be watched as many times as needed to make sure that weeks homework is perfected. In some cases there are additional and multiple backing tracks to make practice even more exciting.

Boy playing guitar

Kids 101 Videos

Kids101- Ep1 - String Names.jpg

1 / The String Names

Use a simple rhyme to remember the string names.

Kids101- How To Read Tablature.jpg
2 / How To Read Tablature

How to read Tablature in a bitesized chunk.

Kids101- Ep2 - Basic Picking Part1.jpg
3 / Basic Picking #1

Lets get you started with some open string basic picking.

Kids101- Ep3 - Basic Picking Part2.jpg
4 / Basic Picking #2

Open string picking continued.

Kids101- Ep4 - Basic Picking Part3.jpg
5 / Basic Picking #3

More open string picking.

Kids101- Ep5 - Basic Picking Part4.jpg
6 / Basic Picking #4

Ding Dong!!! Is there somebody at the door?

Kids101- Ep6 - Basic Picking Part5.jpg
7 / Basic Picking #5

Even more open string picking!! When will it end!!!

Kids101- Ep7 - Basic Picking Part6.jpg
8 / Basic Picking #6

Open string picking finale.

Kids101- Finger Training.jpg
9 / Finger Training

Sometimes, little fingers need some dexterity training.

Kids101- Ep8 - Basic Picking With Fret Work Part1.jpg
10 / Basic Picking With Fretwork #1

My my, This sounds like music!

Kids101- Ep9 - Basic Picking With Fret Work Part2.jpg
11 / Basic Picking With Fretwork #2

Smudging spoils the fun. Lets fix that.

Kids101- Ep10 - Chord Boxes.jpg
12 / How To Read Chord Boxes

Bitsized breakdown on how to read chord boxes.

Kids101- Ep11 - Strumming Ex1.jpg
13 / Strumming #1

Lets go strumming.

Kids101- Ep12 - Strumming Ex2.jpg
14 / Strumming #2

More Strumming!

Kids101- Ep13 - Strumming Ex3.jpg
15 / Strumming #3

And even more strumming!!!

Kids101- Ep14 - Strumming Ex3 with Mute.jpg
16 / Strumming #3 With Mutes

Chop Chop Karate Chop!!

Kids101- Ep15 - Strumming Ex4a & 4b.jpg
17 / Strumming #4a & #4b

Whats your favorite football team?

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